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Speeches as Graphics

Gandhi's speeches, delivered mostly outdoors, were never recorded. Where recorded, poorly (except the speeches delivered at birla house duing his last 144 days). This then creates the need to read (as opposed to hearing) and reading often considered a cumbersome or a difficult activity.

Chauri Chaura Incident

  • Chauri Chaura Incident Story Image 1
    The Non-Cooperation Movement was launched on 1 August, 1920, which included boycott of government schools and colleges, of law courts and foreign cloth, and was to be extended to include mass civil disobedience with giving up untouchability and observe strict non-violence.
  • Chauri Chaura Incident Story Image 2
    A group of well-organized volunteers was picketing the local market against liquor sales and high food prices on 2 February 1922.
  • Chauri Chaura Incident Story Image 3
    The local police beat up the volunteer leader, an army pensioner named Bhagwan Ahir, and locked up several volunteers in the local chowki.
  • Chauri Chaura Incident Story Image 4
    On 5 February, approximately 2,000 to 2,500 protesters gathered in front of the local police station shouting slogans demanding the release of their leader.
  • Chauri Chaura Incident Story Image 5
    In an attempt to frighten and disperse the crowd, the police fired warning shots into the air.
  • Chauri Chaura Incident Story Image 6
    This only agitated the crowd who began to throw stones at the police.
  • Chauri Chaura Incident Story Image 7
    The Indian sub-inspector in charge ordered the police to open fire on the advancing crowd, killing three and wounding several others.
  • Chauri Chaura Incident Story Image 8
    When the angry mob advanced further, the police who were heavily outnumbered, ran inside the police chowki to take shelter. Angered by the police gunfire, the crowd set the chowki ablaze, killing all of the Indian policemen and peons (ocial messengers) trapped inside. Most were burned to death, while those who tried to escape were killed by the crowd at the entrance of the chowki and their bodies thrown back into the fire. 22 people died inside the police chowki.
  • Chauri Chaura Incident Story Image 9
    British authorities declared martial law in and around Chauri Chaura and conducted several raids in which hundreds of people were arrested.
  • Chauri Chaura Incident Story Image 10
    A total of 228 people were put on a trial for rioting and arson, a trial that lasted for 8 months. Of these 6 died while in police custody.

Champaran Episode

  • Champaran Episode Story Image 1
    Gandhi arrives by train at Motihari in Champaran district in Bihar where Indigo farming farmer were distress and starving.
  • Champaran Episode Story Image 2
    Gandhi is greated by a large crowd of farmers and villagers.
  • Champaran Episode Story Image 3
    Gandhi greated warmly. British police wondering why so many people gathered.
  • Champaran Episode Story Image 4
    British police serve notice under section 144 CRPC and ask Gandhi to leave.
  • Champaran Episode Story Image 5
    Gandhi refuses, jailed!
  • Champaran Episode Story Image 6
    Gandhi brough to court before a British magistrate.
  • Champaran Episode Story Image 7
    Gandhi pleads guilty for drawing the crowd.
  • Champaran Episode Story Image 8
    Judge looks worried about the huge crowd gathered outside.
  • Champaran Episode Story Image 9
    Gandhi pleads guilty for drawing the crowd.
  • Champaran Episode Story Image 10
    Gandhi speaks : a stirring speech as defence. Explains his involvement as 'call of conscience'. Asks to be punished. (If need be)
  • Champaran Episode Story Image 11
    Magistrate judge baffled. Notice against Gandhi withdrawn.
  • Champaran Episode Story Image 12
    Notice against Gandhi withdrawn. Committe set up to review farmer's problem. 'Champaran Agrarian Bill' passed!!!