Gandhi through Stories and Interactions

Gandhi's biography in the palm of one's hands:

Mahatma Gandhi, born as Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, is a name that remains indelibly etched in the minds and lips of those who grew up in India. Yet, the details of his fascinating life often evade us possibly as there are too many striking features that surround the tale of his life. How may we then capture this diversity and yet get the feeling that one is holding a whole world within the palms of one's hands?

The Making of Gandhi 1 - Reaching out to People

The Making of Gandhi 2 - People's perception of Gandhi

The Eternal Gandhi - Gandhi's Relevance in Modern India

The Mind of Gandhi - Decrypting Gandhi's thoughts through his Speeches

Discover Gandhi, seen in aggregation, appears to be the much loved face of Gandhi. Yet, the face is constituted of a matrix of squares, each square representing the story of India's freedom movement as driven by Gandhi. Discover Gandhi remains an interactive way to understand a crucial part of the story of India.

The Unknown Gandhi

Gandhi tried to create an Ambigram by writing his name bilingualy both in English and Devanagiri.

Homage to Gandhi

Gandhi's pre-eminence amongst his peers was matchless. To show their reverence, love and regard, some of the best-known icons from our times have expressed their love through paintings, illustrations, films and statues.

Gandhi as Inspiration

Gandhi has been an inspiration in may ways. Here are some stories written and illustrated by students who have been inspired by the deeds of Gandhi.

The Enduring Gandhi (Memorabilia)

The portal allows one to download several of the sections as different medias.