About Gandhi through Stories and Interactions

About Gandhi through Stories and Interactions

'Gandhi through Stories and Interactions' is conceived on the occasion of 150 years of Gandhiji's birthday.

Following Gandhiji's principles, the website is designed to be minimal, simple, clean, friendly, in shades of mostly black and white and follows the design idiom 'less is more'. Additionally, it seemed highly appropriate to make the webspace inclusive and accessible.

The webspace is specifically made accessible to suit the needs of the following user groups: children, people with disability and the elderly

The aim has been to move away from the usual chronological and informational tilt of most other portals, and instead, has been to use the interactive technologies to create something interesting to engage the youth, especially the Millennials. But it will also be riveting for the Gandhi aficionado and scholar.

Within this objective, we have tried to create a maximum bandwidth of viewing by setting up three sets of viewing platforms:
(a) a portal on the Internet;
(b) a touchscreen/projection screen experience made of tangible interactions;
(c) downloads of content as learning kits/materials for teachers and others + downloads as gift kits to schools, children, and others

Here is a list of the assets that have already been created:
(i) Life of Gandhi: a short biographical film
(ii) Timeline of Gandhi showing key events of his life
(iii) The Making of Gandhi:
- his speeches visualized
- the "presence" of Gandhi (at his ashrams, etc.,)
- sentiments (such as fear, humiliation, indignation, etc.,) expressed by Gandhi as an everyday human being
- Gandhi iconography (his glasses, three monkeys, his walking stick, etc.,)
- terms of endearment (such as truth vs. lies) encompassing Gandhi's values
(iv) Gandhi in Gandhi: information on Gandhi where a pixelated Gandhi is composed of multiple thumbnail images from Gandhi's life, each image opening up to more details about that specific part of his life
(v) The Unknown Gandhi: lesser known information on Gandhi
(vi) The Mind of Gandhi: his speeches graphicalized as flashcards to create learning interest
(vii) The Eternal Gandhi: Gandhi's relevance in Modern India
(viii) The Image of Gandhi: Gandhi as caricatures across all seven decades of his life, Gandhi in cartoons, Gandhi as drawn by children, etc.
(ix) Homage to Gandhi: Gandhi by Jamini Roy, Satyajit Ray, R.K. Laxman, Richard Attenborough, others
(x) The Endearing Gandhi consisting of three sections: (a) those who influenced Gandhi (b) those who were influenced by Gandhi; and (c) iconic relationships with Gandhi

This webspace has been created at IDC School of Design located at IIT Bombay.

We thank the following institutions and organisations for their support:
- IDC School of Design, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
- NMEICT and Swayam Prabha projects sponsored by Ministry of Human Resources and Development
- NVLI project sponsored by Ministry of Culture
- Gandhi Smrithi and Gandhi Darshan Samiti, New Delhi
- Mani Bhavan, Mumbai
- designindia.net

ps: This version is a draft Beta version released in order to receive feedback and suggestions. We are in the process of wetting the content for accuracy. So do bear with us for a while until these are taken care of. And if you have suggestions and feedback, do write to us at . . . . .>>

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